Monday, October 22, 2012

Today's Surprises!

Lovely Monday morning! Here is what I got in the post this morning which made my day :))) Actually it got really funny because I got so excited to open the envelope that I lost 2 trains :))) But it was sooo workth it!

The lovely Evdokia from Have A Cookie has send me my order through her Etsy shop but not only this!

I got such nice tiny surprises!! Thanx so much Evdokia! I loved the earrings, the greek memories that your lovely church magnet brought me, the little charms, the candies from ION, the personal message on the flower card and offcourse the lovely Bird!!! It will take its place in my new place and will make pictures of it to show you! This is once more the lovely details that count when you buy things from crafters that work with love. It becomes more than a sale!

Continuing the day, I got this lovely carpet from Zara Home that now opened in Munich. It was in the children section :) i always look there for nice colours!

 And some treasures from the Japanese shop I normally shop, Mikado in Sendlinger Tor.

 And the little pig is telling you, "have a nice evening..oing!" :)))


  1. oh look! all arrived safely!!!!
    i am very happy to see little birdie in your place!
    i don't see the candies anywhere, haha! :))
    glad you liked them all anastasia!!!!

    & lovely carpet from zara
    & all the other treasures!
    & the pig so cute!

    have a pleasant night & sweet dreams!


  2. ahahhaha! i ate both of them :p
    i thank YOU! it is always so nice to receive little parcels without knowing what little surprises they hide! i could not concentrate to get on the right train today as i was having butterflies in my stomach wanting to open your letter!

  3. I love the ceramic bird! :D So cute!!

    Funny, I also like to shop in the children section. I once bought a beautiful bag in Zara Kids. :D

    1. It is, isnt it? and also the earing are so great! evdokia send it with so much love!

      why do we like it so much? My explanation!

      1. We are still kids inside! Since I left my office work, I feel every day younger!
      2. Kids are totally and trully creative.and so are we!
      3. The colours..ooooh those colours!!

      why do you thing we love the kids sections in shops?

  4. i enjoy to visit & buy from the kids section too!
    i think, like you said, for the happy colors & the schemes!