Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Changing Wold..Bank Democracy

Changes in Greece .. Social Brakedown

I pray and stand for all the souls that fight to see a more possitive future! This needs lots of courage and lots of help to each other.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Today's Surprises!

Lovely Monday morning! Here is what I got in the post this morning which made my day :))) Actually it got really funny because I got so excited to open the envelope that I lost 2 trains :))) But it was sooo workth it!

The lovely Evdokia from Have A Cookie has send me my order through her Etsy shop but not only this!

I got such nice tiny surprises!! Thanx so much Evdokia! I loved the earrings, the greek memories that your lovely church magnet brought me, the little charms, the candies from ION, the personal message on the flower card and offcourse the lovely Bird!!! It will take its place in my new place and will make pictures of it to show you! This is once more the lovely details that count when you buy things from crafters that work with love. It becomes more than a sale!

Continuing the day, I got this lovely carpet from Zara Home that now opened in Munich. It was in the children section :) i always look there for nice colours!

 And some treasures from the Japanese shop I normally shop, Mikado in Sendlinger Tor.

 And the little pig is telling you, "have a nice evening..oing!" :)))

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Happy Busy :)

Have been quite busy lately with the renovation of the atelier but Im so happy°°

Here is a nice video I found today :)

Enjoy your Sunday!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Japanesei Craziness!

Hello!! After many many hours of curing things and becoming a moving-expert I have found some time to do some blogging around and came across this lovely website which has folding instructions for any origami patern you might think of!


 fellow stamper! Simply have a look! She is a japanese stamp artist! She is wonderful!

and a great video I found!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New ways ..

When the sky looks like this how can you resist to dream without end?

Welcome to my tiny little village :)

Chocolate bread following the recipe of the wonderful (sorry cant remeber where exactly I found the recipe) and flowers in a tiny milk vase from one of Berlin's best fleemarkets :) I will upload more pictures of my findings from this fleemarket as soon as I find them :)

And as you asked me is the beginning (yes, yes..only the beginning) of the chaos that will follow tomorrow and the next days :p But all for a good cause so I'm HAPPY!

And where I am is the current state of my new atelier! Well actually, it is more messy at the moment because of renovation work. The Before state is always not flattering right? Im looking forward to upload some AFTER photos when Im what am i saying?!! Finishing an atelier is not the goal.. if an atelier is "finished" then my productivity is "finished".. atelier means working, working means messy and messy means INSPIRATION! Oder?

The toilet..not much to say here, right? Hehehe

 Beautiful old wooden floor
 My bedroom with an old stove! I cant wait to hide under a warm blanket, drink tee and feel the warmth of the stove while the snow is falling :)
 The kitchen :) Tiny but Im sure I can make the best out of it :)

Tadaaa the 2in1 Working space: 
Behandlungsraum for the therapies work & Atelier for my little soon-to-come online shop :)

Have a lovely cozy night!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Blogging found!

Wonderful site and little shop in Madrid!

 About me? Im in the middle of a moving so not so much time for blogging..Hopefully i find sometime the following days to upload some pics :) Love to all of you!


Here I am again after a full day of packing things, thoughts, previous lives, feelings and non-feelings..

Friday, October 5, 2012

First comes REDUCE, then REUSE and if we have no other option, comes RECYCLE! in this order :)

Great practical idea for sustainable shopping.. Try to avoid the plastic wrapped vegetables when u can and curry ur own grossery bag :)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Unilever, Henkel, the rainforests and Harapan..

I just finished watching a documentary and here I am again, writing although I was tired! Tiredness has left me after this..I can't sleep if I do not share this with you! I am an everyday supporter of nature and I try to inform and be informed with whatever has to do with ecology and sustainability so please feel free to share with me similar cases!

Next time you are at the supermarket* check in the ingredients of what you buy if there is Palm Oil in it. You will be surprised by how many times you will see it! It is around in 50% of all products and almost each room of a household has palmoil products in it!

Palm oil comes from...tadaaa.. Palm trees and Palm trees are the core of...(the every-day-disappearing-)Rain Forests! And what's the problem with that you will ask: 
Palm Forests are crucial for the environment as they are hotspots of biodiversity and filter vast amounts of carbon from the atmosphere.

There is a product in the german market called ‘Terra’** which is supposed to be an “eco” washing liquid and which myself actually bought once with the idea that I was helping the environment—TIP: ”eco” or “bio” doesn’t always mean that the product is actually promoting sustainability and the wellbeing of the environment. (in this video Henkel is talking about sustainability!!! They mention at one point that they use owls so that they dont use rat poison and this makes them sustainable!! what a marketing trick!! the poison, they keep it for the Palm Trees!)

Henkel supports that its product contains palm oil from cultivated palm trees..this means that the company plants their own palm trees and do not use the ones from the rain forests. After a long research and a visit in Malaysia and Indonesia of german journalists and Greenpeace Amsterdam, it was shown that:

1.     The responsible for the biggest plantations is a company called “United Plantations” (
2.     What United plantations did in Malaysia is that they destroyed an existing NATIVE rainforest(!!!) to plant huge amounts of palm trees for the production of palm oil.
3.     The people that work there are forced to use a pesticide which contains “parakoat”, one of the most harmful toxics (oh, yes, it is illegal!) for the human health and offcourse totally non-eco, non-bio!!
4.     In order to start planting, they needed to demolish apart from the whole rainforest, also small wooden houses of the malaysian people who owned the land. Whoever didn’t agree on giving their part, was put –democratically-into..jail..!

I have found also this graphic which explains the whole story in some pictures:

After all this, I see the world of supermarkets, advertisement, mass production, once more with an angry look..Anger that is quickly transformed into action. Anger itself wouldn’t help at all, anyway!

It is so shocking to see how much they take us for stupid: the logo of the Terra washing liquid is
“For a clean today and tomorrow!”
I really doubt our tomorrow to be that clean after all this..


'Harapan' is ta rain forest in Sumatra, Indonesia that is planning to become a "restoration forest"
'Harapan' means hope.. :)
*: if you ever go there because im sure that many of you, don’t!..I have been shopping on my local Alnatura (biological market) and always try to go to local markets or buy directly from the farmers
**: I haven’t written this post only against Terra. This is one of the many examples you can find on your own when shopping.

A small walk.. in sunny(for a change!) Munich I went for a small walk around my block and got to the calming river, the Isar.

And look what I came back with! This "zu verschenken" (..present.for free!) idea is lovely! If you dont need something instead of throwing it away or if you can be bothered to sell it on Ebay, then you just leave it in from of your door and by the end of the day it is in someone else's house where it is more needed! The idea of sustainability is everywhere just need to keep your eyes open!

Look how many things i got which I can upcycle and make beautiful things out of :)
The books have beautiful pictures to make envelopes from, the plate is perfect for mixing colours or displaying small bits and bobs, the shirt can become a cute little bag and the leaves..STAMPS!

The art of dying in beauty

And some finished projects! The airdrying clay takes a long time to dry and then painting and lacquering also takes time, but the result is so worth it!

New ideas: Those little ceramic triangles remind me of so many things..and long discussions with my dearest Claudio. Those are dedicated to him.

Preparing snail mail for the dear Claire, really productive day today :) I enjoy the process of creative (and receiving :ppp) snail mail so much! Something that brings back the little girl I used to be and this little girl, stays there! Doesnt go away after I finish. This is the interesting part..

And last but not least, some wonders: little plants of mine: left: Waiting for the roots to show.. Middle: Basil, right: The strange plan with round seeds and shy pink flowers I think I will see them again next year :) 

Goodnight everyone :) A new day is growing already!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New day..

One more illustration inspired by my sweet princess-friend, Anita :)
Means: "When I grow up, I want to become a Princess! "

Pensalo Bien..


I found this great site which is actually a DIY guide for making your own furniture without having to pay lots and without having to give the money to IKEA :) Have a look at the right side and find the Berliner Hocker! This is def a must do! Enjoy!


Great blog with lots of advice if you have your own Etsy shop :)