Friday, October 5, 2012

First comes REDUCE, then REUSE and if we have no other option, comes RECYCLE! in this order :)

Great practical idea for sustainable shopping.. Try to avoid the plastic wrapped vegetables when u can and curry ur own grossery bag :)


  1. Hi, anastasia,
    I always practice 4R, reuse, recycle, reduce and refuse.
    But the idea of package-free is the basic and the best idea!! Think globally and act locally! Your blogs are splendid! Thanks a lot for sharing this.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. anastasia,
    I used different ID and left the comment the above. Because, I forgot to log out. Sorry for your confusion.

  3. Hello Keiko!

    This is so great to hear this from a japanese person! I love Japan and I also admired the packaging when I was in Japan. I believe that the japanese taste and elegance can not be compared with any other country's products but I also show that they do use a huge amaount of paper, plastic etc. (not that in Europe they dont!) However, I also met young people that are more sensitive on this area and im happy to meet one more!! I go to check out ur blog now :))) BIg kiss from Munich!