Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New ways ..

When the sky looks like this how can you resist to dream without end?

Welcome to my tiny little village :)

Chocolate bread following the recipe of the wonderful (sorry cant remeber where exactly I found the recipe) and flowers in a tiny milk vase from one of Berlin's best fleemarkets :) I will upload more pictures of my findings from this fleemarket as soon as I find them :)

And as you asked me is the beginning (yes, yes..only the beginning) of the chaos that will follow tomorrow and the next days :p But all for a good cause so I'm HAPPY!

And where I am is the current state of my new atelier! Well actually, it is more messy at the moment because of renovation work. The Before state is always not flattering right? Im looking forward to upload some AFTER photos when Im what am i saying?!! Finishing an atelier is not the goal.. if an atelier is "finished" then my productivity is "finished".. atelier means working, working means messy and messy means INSPIRATION! Oder?

The toilet..not much to say here, right? Hehehe

 Beautiful old wooden floor
 My bedroom with an old stove! I cant wait to hide under a warm blanket, drink tee and feel the warmth of the stove while the snow is falling :)
 The kitchen :) Tiny but Im sure I can make the best out of it :)

Tadaaa the 2in1 Working space: 
Behandlungsraum for the therapies work & Atelier for my little soon-to-come online shop :)

Have a lovely cozy night!


  1. i love it from the pictures!
    hard to find a house like this in greece...
    with wooden floors...
    so it's a house/atelier?

  2. i think these houses exist in the islands :) but they usually do not have as high cealings as in the northern countries. Yes, you are right..this will be my house, atelier and therapies place :) So glad you like it from this pictures because then you will love it at the end :) I offer great tea and cake and lots of crafting if you come :))))

  3. wow I love your new place! Especially like you can do a lot out of it! Love the old floors and that you have an oven in it! That makes it so cosy!

    1. thanx darling! ur also invited for tea next to the oven!!!