Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Blogging found!

Wonderful site and little shop in Madrid!

 About me? Im in the middle of a moving so not so much time for blogging..Hopefully i find sometime the following days to upload some pics :) Love to all of you!


Here I am again after a full day of packing things, thoughts, previous lives, feelings and non-feelings..


  1. beautiful stamps!
    you made them?
    i wish it is a good move :)

  2. hello evdokia..no they are from the talented girl of http://merchegrosso.blogspot.com/ :)

    the move is to my new atelier so this is a PERFECT move :))))

  3. Oh yes! I wish you a good time making your atelier a beautiful cosy place! Am looking forward to see pictures :)

  4. thanx darling! i will try to put some before after pictures! hehhehehe it is a mess at the moment! a very old altbau trying to become a small crafting palace :)