Sunday, September 30, 2012

Changing, mindfull creating..

Today's Little Projects
Handpunched-handdesigned-handcarved-hanstamped little tags :)



I get so excited when working with clay! Im looking forward to the painting part which will come after 3 days of drying! I picked this type of clay coz I am trying to be as sustainable as I can during the creation process. This can not save the world but it can save some electricity and makes my crafting more mindfull. :)

Wonderful little video from a creative girl who dared to change her initial path :)

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Blogging around..

I have been blogging a lot lately..much more than I did some months ago. I will be posting everynow and then some things that I find interesting and that might help other readers..for more links have a look under the page "Inspirations".

this can be the source of many inspirational ideas for all crafters :)

great pictures and nice ideas!


I found this interview from Lee from One Clay Bead, very insipiring and mindfull :)

Spring Garden dipping sauce bowl

You have Mail !!!

What did arrive today in the post??? The fantastic rug from the talented and inspiring WideEyedTree!

Full of colour and made with love and care! It will be the first thing I will put in my new studio!!!

I looove it!!! thanx so much dear Claudia!!! so nice to have met u! 

Isnt it the cutest thing ever?

May I present you the sweet Claudia with her lovely dog, Sunny!

A handstamped tiny envelope..

with lots of goodies in it: a little card of the sweet Sunny around Claudia's plants, 2 wonderfull badges & handprinted little insect hello card! 
Here is the difference between buying something in the shop and getting something from crafters: the first is so impersonal but with the second.. you enjoy what was done with the packaging and you would always receive a small surprise inside which shows how thoughtfully the product was put together :) Love and care are the things that caracterize crafters and people that make things on their own this is why I support it!!

One last but not least things that arrived EBay old lamp for the studio :)


Friday, September 28, 2012

Illustration inspirations?

 ..inside your head!


..everyone talks about it in such a diversity of areas.. crafters can apply it too!

We use material that can be reused, repurposed or recycled..

have a look in this blog! i found most of all, the existance of it, fantastic!

Book for tiny people & Cranes to carry them ..

inspired from my trip to Japan and the beautiful Confetti graden!

Origami Crane..If I reach 1000 will I live forever? (great instructions in this (silent) video)

Origami Little Book for tiny people :) It was so much fun to make those!


Over the hill..

Laugh, you may laugh
You can laugh at me for days
You may spit at me if you want

Cause I’m here I’m still here
Everybody seems to mean so much
Everybody seems to think I’m fine

Look at me
There were more to see
There were more to be proud of…

‘We were brought up in a system that made us believe food grows on shelves, clean water springs in bottles, health is in the hands of the doctors, education lives in an establishment and money is the key to all. It is time to realize that all this is not true.’

Seeds..and Greece!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Goodmorning with a blog-accident!

Deleted by accident my first blog attachement as Vipassana tought me ..I shouldnt get upset..and YES! I did it! i went through it with no scars! :p There will be so many new things and beautiful posts to follow!

Gorgeous Nina..sing your song!


Is it only me ? When I start from one site, it gets me to the next and the next and the next and after 4 hours I realise that I forgot what I wanted to do in the first place...

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Another beautiful Autumn day :)

Yellows, browns, reds ... everywhere outside and ...inside :)

I have no idea what this plant is called but it is magic!

Clouds can be gray but it depends on which coloured sky you see them :)

Gray clouds in a pink sky then! (From my clouds collection, to come in Dawanda&Etsy shop)

Inspired by the greek kitchen..the beloved herb, thyme :)

  Try different might never think that it is ready but it is perfect as it is! Now repeat with replacing "it" with "YOU"!

Today's Gifts to myself from the lovely Kokolores shop around the corner :)(they were surprised to hear my shop's name! :p)

One has already found its use..