Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sorry and news!!

Hello my dears!

I might have been quiet but I have been checking on you! I have been out and around the last months so apologies for not posting earlier!

I have now a new little project in my life and it is sharing the benefits of a more green, whole, living and more aware kitchen!

Awareness starts from within so lets feed the within with whole, healthy foods to make it stronger and long-lasting!

Have a look in my new Facebook page and "Like" it, if you do :)

Many kisses and a goodnight!
Anastasia from "Anastasia in the Kitchen"

Thursday, March 28, 2013


The gilr is one of the most amazing tango dancer and the guy a talented amazing lindy hop dancer!
Both together...create a joy that the dance itself makes and is not comperable to anything!
Just..sit back..and Enjoy!!!!!!!!!

and this too :)))

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Making a cup

Sorry for not posting for some time..i was and am a bit poorly :)

Click here to check a cute video of how to make and decorate a mug

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Handcrafted & loving Berlin

 One of my pottery creations glazed and already being used!!! :)

 Loving Berlin's Mauerpark Flohmarkt!

 Some more pots I created for my flowers :)

Pottery in England

Watch the video here

Monday, March 4, 2013

Clay every day!

Check out a wonderfull video from Nona Bruna, an argentinian potter living in Barcelona..

I find the esthetic fantastic, simple but so making you to feel the love in the things she makes!

Early Spring Moments..

The wonderful greek and talented AkiraMushi! Check them out here:


Obi by AkiraMushi, Top by Modecreator

 Olive Oil from out own trees in Greece and little tag from the fantastic Lilly Moon!!

Today the sun was showering my flowers gift from my lovely friend Ritoula!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

fine line between miracle and failure i touched the clay..i fell in love!
I will post pictures of my works as soon as they are glazed :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Im Grateful of ...the "Himbeer"!

Today I had a visit Gratitude Cafe which newly opened in Munich.

And so I did..and Im so grateful that I did :) You can tell why..just look at the pictures below!

The staff was really friendly and they seamed to be very happy that I was there! I asked to take some pics for the blog and instead of starting to ask me details why and how and where and why again, they simply said "With pleasure!!!" and with a huge smile, so uncomplicated was the food too! Delicious and full of energy!

In the heart of the students and "cool-people" area, in Schwabing, very close to Universit├Ąt, this cute little restaurant/cafe offers so many nice green smoothies, juices, raw and vegan meals and TADAAAAA Raw Desserts which if you know me, I cook and LOVE!!!

Check out their menu here. There is always specials of the day so don't miss :)

I had a lovely tea called Space Cookie

 Yummie Indial Plate with wild rice, sweetpotatoes, mungo beans, caulliflower, carrots and cumin and very tasty kale!

And the top hit for me was the raw dessert...Chocolate Himbeer Dateln Tart! It was exactly my taste! As I also cook raw desserts I know that some due to either the nuts or coconut oil can be too much. This was just simple perfection! This dessert was shouting "im made with lots and lots of love!" Really cute people the ones that made it and really friendly too!

I will soon go there again and ask for it and will also take my friend Rita with me this time! I know she will love it!

All this got me inspired to continue with my drawings :) This cute notebook I got it from the lovely June from Berlin!

Have a nice peacefull night!

Trains go by..