Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A small walk.. in sunny(for a change!) Munich I went for a small walk around my block and got to the calming river, the Isar.

And look what I came back with! This "zu verschenken" (..present.for free!) idea is lovely! If you dont need something instead of throwing it away or if you can be bothered to sell it on Ebay, then you just leave it in from of your door and by the end of the day it is in someone else's house where it is more needed! The idea of sustainability is everywhere just need to keep your eyes open!

Look how many things i got which I can upcycle and make beautiful things out of :)
The books have beautiful pictures to make envelopes from, the plate is perfect for mixing colours or displaying small bits and bobs, the shirt can become a cute little bag and the leaves..STAMPS!

The art of dying in beauty

And some finished projects! The airdrying clay takes a long time to dry and then painting and lacquering also takes time, but the result is so worth it!

New ideas: Those little ceramic triangles remind me of so many things..and long discussions with my dearest Claudio. Those are dedicated to him.

Preparing snail mail for the dear Claire, really productive day today :) I enjoy the process of creative (and receiving :ppp) snail mail so much! Something that brings back the little girl I used to be and this little girl, stays there! Doesnt go away after I finish. This is the interesting part..

And last but not least, some wonders: little plants of mine: left: Waiting for the roots to show.. Middle: Basil, right: The strange plan with round seeds and shy pink flowers I think I will see them again next year :) 

Goodnight everyone :) A new day is growing already!


  1. In Greece we have Hariseto which has a shop and you just go and leave things to be taken by others or take things for free.
    I love the plate you found. I call them curb finds or sidewalk finds.AriadnefromGreece!

    1. wonderfull to hear that! there is also many exchange markets in athens, lamia, volos and other places which started in the crisis era! nice things and ideas come up when u really need them :)