Saturday, September 29, 2012

You have Mail !!!

What did arrive today in the post??? The fantastic rug from the talented and inspiring WideEyedTree!

Full of colour and made with love and care! It will be the first thing I will put in my new studio!!!

I looove it!!! thanx so much dear Claudia!!! so nice to have met u! 

Isnt it the cutest thing ever?

May I present you the sweet Claudia with her lovely dog, Sunny!

A handstamped tiny envelope..

with lots of goodies in it: a little card of the sweet Sunny around Claudia's plants, 2 wonderfull badges & handprinted little insect hello card! 
Here is the difference between buying something in the shop and getting something from crafters: the first is so impersonal but with the second.. you enjoy what was done with the packaging and you would always receive a small surprise inside which shows how thoughtfully the product was put together :) Love and care are the things that caracterize crafters and people that make things on their own this is why I support it!!

One last but not least things that arrived EBay old lamp for the studio :)



  1. Thank you so much! Looks good in your place!

  2. Im sure it would look good anywere! it has something magic in it which warms the place up!