Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Another beautiful Autumn day :)

Yellows, browns, reds ... everywhere outside and ...inside :)

I have no idea what this plant is called but it is magic!

Clouds can be gray but it depends on which coloured sky you see them :)

Gray clouds in a pink sky then! (From my clouds collection, to come in Dawanda&Etsy shop)

Inspired by the greek kitchen..the beloved herb, thyme :)

  Try different might never think that it is ready but it is perfect as it is! Now repeat with replacing "it" with "YOU"!

Today's Gifts to myself from the lovely Kokolores shop around the corner :)(they were surprised to hear my shop's name! :p)

One has already found its use..


  1. You busy bee! Welcome to blog world! Love to see all your creative work and other pictures! What a cool plant!

  2. Nice to be here :) The plant is amazing! It has tiny little pink flowers too but it has such a strong personality that it wont let you see them if its angry..and the last days it is a bit moody ..maybe due to the weather in rainy Munich :) Big hug to u!