Thursday, January 17, 2013

Live Food Power!

Hello after a small after-vacation break :)

I have started incorporating more raw-live foods in my diet lately and wanted to share a lovely recipe for a morning juice that can boost your body up!

You can check more great recipes here:

It is unbelievable what you can make with un-cooking food :) Fantastic flavors and full of energy!

Films Thumb up..



  1. hallo there! : )
    rust & bone movie was very very good!
    & the other seems interesting!
    have a nice weekend anastasia!

  2. Hi dear!
    Yes they are both gr8! the first one Seeds is also a great informative documentary about the totally controlled Food industry ..really worth to watch it (its online and not too long :))

    Have a nice weekend, darling!

  3. I think we all need some extra vitamins in winter ;) Your's look good!!!