Monday, December 3, 2012

Belated Advents Calendar!

Happy 1st Advent ..and this year due to not finding all my crafting things in the boxes that are still unpacked in my new place, it took me a bit longer to make my advents calendar! This year its between my boyfriend and my lovely friend, Anita to see who's gona be the first to open the envelopes :)

This year the sewing maschine did the work and Im really pleased with the result!

All I used was some nice wrapping paper, paper doilies, and the sewing maschine! Oh and offcourse some little funny surprises to fill them in!

And here it is:

You can do this too! Its so easy!


  1. oh! i want to open one too! :))
    look so lovely!

    have a good december anastasia!
    full of handmade creations!

    1. hehehe! thanx° they have sweet surprises inside! have a sweet december evdokia!